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Twenty-eight years in Garfield Bay — Semi-retired

Strong technical and managerial skills

Rural living and property problem solver

Reliable — Confidential — Licensed — Insured — References


In 1985 Jerry took up computer information systems and applied this new technology to the technical operations of his own business and later three companies he worked for. Later specializing in photo-documentation and graphics he produced product manuals and technical reports. This experience evolved into aerial photography using radio controlled aircraft.

Jerry and Becky Luther have lived in Garfield Bay for twenty-eight years. They are noted for their extensive gardens and holiday displays. Jerry managed the family woodworking business until 1989. He than managed operations and technical departments for small manufacturing firms in Sandpoint. Jerry worked for CEDU education at Rocky Mountain Academy for five years, concluding as manager of the Family Services department. Jerry completed his communications career in 2005 with five-years at the Sandpoint publishing firm, Multilingual Computing and Software, where he was a research editor.

Jerry was born and raised in Hollywood, California. He was military trained in communications with the US Army, 82nd Airborne. He pursued wired and broadcast communications for ten years working both hands-on and as a technical representative for the 3M company, Californina Communications and the Wrather Corp. Coming to the northwest with the “back-to-the-land” movement, Jerry has done his share of construction, maintenance and rural problem solving.