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I inspect properties weekly on a random schedule. During these inspections I check power, water, security and other systems. All points of entry and exterior surrounds are examined. Snow, wind, rain and fire threats are noted. A checklist report is submitted by e-mail.

I will help manage contractors, receive packages and deliver goods to your home in your absence. Web slide shows can be produced showing project progress and weather event impact on your home or project.




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This is a map of the Property Watch service area.


My Property Watch service is provided on a long-term subscription basis spanning several months, or short-term for just a few days. I will only service a combined total of seven (7) long and short-term customers simultaneously. This is in addition to the two drinking water systems I service, and the short term technical jobs generated by these customers


Property survey: $50 which includes photo documentation of inspection points.

Monthly service: $100 to $150 per month based on size and complexity of property.

Extra service and technical job rate : $25.00 per hour, billed in half-hour increments to subscription customers and minimum one-hour to occasional customers.


This is an example of an inspection sheet which is e-mailed to customers.

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